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AMETHYST, South Africa/United Kingdom

Amethyst – a.k.a Tasha Cole is a vibrant DJ , founder of Cyan Fuchsian Promotions Agency, Manager of Cyan Fuchsian Promotions: The Label and . Digital Marketing Manager of Psy-Sisters Female collective. Hailing from Cape Town, this energetic, confident young woman is already taking the psy scene by storm!

Representing the new psy-generation, she’s a positive role model for young people and a determined female force now playing regularly across some of London’s most successful events and alongside the biggest names in the psytrance scene.

A role model for all up and coming DJs, Amethyst has shown impressive growth, passion and drive, not just by networking her way through London, but also as a headlining act at parties and festivals across Europe, including: Croatia; Amsterdam and France – as well as at high profile events including the Beatrap 10th Anniversary(SA) and Transahara(Morocco)

Since hitting the London scene in 2011, her rise to fame has been rapid. Signed to Mutagen Records for 2 years, recently she decided to start her own DJ Label: Cyan Fuchsian Promotions, her popularity spreads like her passionate and fiery energy, which ignites dance floors with her choice of phat and funky sounds!

A fun and bubbly DJ – Amethyst has played a proactive role in the psyscene since her very first party in SA back in 2006 – demonstrating versatility by her ability to play five different genres of psychedelic sounds – including: Twilight, Full-on, Daytime Psy, Uplifting Progressive, Dark Progressive and even Prog House.

Since that time, she’s carved a DJ career for herself and even held her own psy-trance party in 2008 and a second successful party in 2012 as well. Amethyst has featured in 3 times Mushroom Magazine, Psy-Sisters Female collective Article, 2 x Top 10 Dj Charts. She’s certainly one to positively transform the energy of a dance floor, and a captivating spirit for parties and events across the world.