Top 50k on The DJ List


London, United Kingdom

Electro House, House


Dj_amcart (aka Joe Carter) first mixed a record at the tender age of 14 and has ever since had ‘the bug’. His beginnings were in garage and drum ‘n’ bass but swiftly moved on to commercial funky house. After a few years, Joe became drawn towards the more rocky/dark regions of house music and at the age of 21, has now been mixing Electro/Fuzz/Funky house for nearly three years. With his unique cross-generic mixing background, Joe has been able to build up a catalogue of mixing techniques, which have helped to enhance the dancefloor experience that is dj amcart! Before embarking on his DJing career though, Joe played various instruments including the piano, violin and the guitar, which he still plays now recreationally. Having always loved music, DJing seemed to be the next logical step and turning professional is a dream come true. Having played with Dipesh Parmar of the Ministry of Sound (ranked 27180) and played in many clubs and bars around Cheltenham, Glos, UK (where he went to University), Joe has gained much experience in crowd pleasing and is now looking to the future in pursuit of a residency at a top UK night club.