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Ambrosio Dinero

Long Beach, United States

Chill Out, House

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Ambrosio Dinero is known for his style, flavor, and universal appeal. As a youth, the Southern Californian native of Ghanaian descent listened to Afrobeat, Hi-Life, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rock, Country, Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop. When the movie Beat Street was released in 1984, Ambrosio knew he wanted to be a DJ. He bought his first mixer from classmate in 1990 and purchased his first set of Technics 1200s a year later. After high school, he attended California State University, Long Beach in 1993 majoring in Business with an emphasis in Management Information Systems.

While at CSULB, he worked at Coolios management company Crowbar with the intention of gaining insight into the music industry. After seeing Industry Rule 4080 (Record Company people are shady- The Business A Tribe Called Quest) in effect, Ambrosio decided to focus on college and give up on the music industry.

After college in 1998, the love for djing came back and Ambrosio wanted to pursue it as a fulltime career. Ambrosio worked as a Systems Administrator by day and a DJ by night. Due to corporate downsizing, he was laid-off and he saw this as an opportunity to pursue his dream. Things did not pan out as he hoped for, after he took a sales position at Pro Sound and Stage Lighting but no type of adversity has ever stopped Ambrosio. Although, Ambrosio is back in the corporate American structure, he using it to make his dream of being DJ/producer a reality.

Ambrosio Dinero is a DJ in the purest form, with his unique flare of mixing, scratching, and party rocking skills. Hell set the mood, create momentum, and build a story with every record. No musical genre is sacred when Ambrosio gets in the mix.

With the increasing commercialization and popularity of Hip Hop, Ambrosio started to lose his love and passion for it. That was when he rekindled his old love for House Music. Ambrosio remembered the melodic and soulful songs that could free ones mind, body, and soul. And those DJs that played good music and were dually noted for their expression and production. Although Ambrosio will leave never the hip hop arena completely, deep and progressive house are now new ways of channeling his inner most creativity.