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Dj Amaya started out as a musician/producer, as part of the electronic duo ‘The Euroboyz’. As a member of ‘The Euroboyz’, Dj Amaya learned the art of making electronic music, while utilizing his years of experience playing in live rock bands. Over the years he continued to grow in his production skills, and started to make remix versions of the group.

During the year 2001, DJ Amaya picked up a love of live DJing with vinyl, after being inspired by the live recorded sets of Paul Oakenfold. During the following years as his skills as a DJ were being refined, his music became increasingly more, and more influenced by the sound of trance music. Soon DJ Amaya’s sets were notoriously known for being huge, epic, and melodic, having a style & sound unique to him. By taking influence from Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, and Sasha, and spinning sets that were clearly influenced, but always unique to Amaya.

DJ Amaya played many parties and raves in the Pacific northwest scene, such as the ‘Where life begins’ parties by ‘FLAIR’.

In the year 2003, Dj Amaya picked up a copy of the remix vinyl of “Everything but the girl” song “Tempermental”, which had a acapella remix on it. Using this Dj Amaya produced his first official white label remix. This remix was the first "Epic’ remix by him. Although most of the original remixes did not contain the DJ Amaya name, just that it was a “2003 Epic mix”.

After seeing the possibilities in doing these remixes, Amaya sought out more acapellas, and continued to make more remixes that became hard to find gems on the internet peer to peer download scene.

Originally the DJ AMAYA name was intended as a remix moniker, but stuck as his DJ Name , and eventually was used as a alias for his purely techno/trance solo productions. DJ AMAYA over the years produced many trance/techno instrumentals over the course of his career, while gaining a strong internet fanbase on sites such as, and

Soon after discovering a love of japanese anime, he stumbled across a music video internet station provided by the “Avex Network”. On this video stream, Amaya quickly fell in love with the sounds of Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity, and Ruppina. And after seeing the commericals for the AyuTRANCE series of CD’s Amaya started listening to Ayumi Hamasaki Remixes. And eventually this led to a newfound addiction to Jpop music in general. Thus, leading to the inevitable white label remixes of Ayumi Hamasaki, and others.

It wasn’t long before Dj Amaya tracks became some of the best on the internet download scene. His originals and remixes began appearing on many DJ playlists.

Today Dj Amaya brings a tech-trance sound which can compete with top acts of today, and will be an artist to watch in the coming years. And with the start of his own podcast “hitsuzen radio” he’s bringing his sound the world!