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Dj Amar Underground Traxz Kingz(Chicago) has been djing for 20 years and producing for 16 years. Specializing in Ghetto House,Progressive House and Techno. It all began back in elementary school when he was introduced to Dj Marvin at the local skating rink. He saw how DJ Marvin influenced the crowd and knew that was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. DJ Amar would go to the skating rink every Saturday and was noticed by DJ Marvin who let him dj for 20 minutes and the rest is history.

DJ Funk introduced him to producing in 1994 and he completed his first album in 1994 Westside Work Station featuring Slick Rick Da Master. After that came his 2nd album entitled: Konfused Konfliction, collaboration with DJ Funk (best album produced). The 3rd album was entitled:The Millennium with DJ Q and produced by DJ Amar, 4th one was The Millennium 2 with DJ Q and produced by DJ Amar. The 5th album was Westside Trax produced by DJ Traxman and co-produced by DJ Amar. The 6th album “The Return of DJ Amar” produced by DJ Amar. The 7th album Ghetto Muzik produced by Slick Rick Da Master and co-produced by DJ Amar. The list also includes several remixes & various tracks for various artists.

DJ Amar lives and breathes producing. It is part of his life like children are a part of our life. He cares and nurtures it on a daily basis. It’s not just a hobby to him it is a job very mental, God’s gift and a natural born talent.

When asked if he could change one thing about his life; the answer was absolutely nothing. He has been to the top of the mountain seen stardom and has enjoyed every minute of it. He is what he does. The only thing that he would love to accomplish is to play overseas. I also asked him where would his life be in 20 years and he replied, “Laying back in my mansion sippin on 2 shots of Remy with 2 girls fanning me!” Now how is that for an answer!

DJ Amar has 3 key points for future up and coming producers trying to get in the game 1-Don’t just play the music be the music. 2-study the form of music. And 3-Be original. As for the 2006 era, coming soon “Konfused Konfliction” part 1(techno mix) and part 2(progressive house mix)