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Amae Love

San Francisco, United States

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Amae Love ~ Soulful Songstress

Amae Love is an eclectic singer / songwriter with a sultry, soulful voice that embodies a modern approach to soul, & blues. Amae has a knack for taking the best of that classic vintage sound (like Adele, or Amy Winehouse) and combining it with soulfully sultry melodies paired with positive & empowering lyrics. She likes to call this style “Singin’ the Purples” (the title of her 2010 EP) as in: a higher consciousness version of the blues. Amae’s debut solo Album, Ripe, is a timeless eclectic bend of blues, soul, jazz, and dub flavors, showcasing smooth harmonies, soaring melodies and varied vocal styles, all woven together with soul.

Amae is a multi-faceted talent whose skills as performer include Improvisation, MC’ing, hoop dance, DJ’ing, Dance, Ukelele, and guitar. Listen to all of this Yum on Amae’s band camp page:

Amae is due to release her new Album, REAL, later this year.

Amae ran a Successful Kickstarter Campaign to create a pro music video in 2012 for her original song “The Amaezing Birthday Song!” the video is directed & produced by DJ Turner, and stars some incredibly talented people from her inner circle of friends. The song is an extremely catchy & fun little gospel / soul ditty meant to be a positive alternative to our tired old birthday dirge. The video has over 56,000 hits on YouTube so far & hundreds of people are learning it, singing it & loving it. Amae is a HUGE fan of birthdays and could not be more excited about her role as A “Birthday Instigator.” See the birthday song video here & share!

Amae has been onstage with Erykah Badu and opened up for Zap Mama. She is well known on the West Coast festival circuit. She has performed with a host of west-coast underground acts such as The Human Experience, Everyone Orchestra, David Starfire, Gaudi, Random Rab, Nicoluminous, Cornflower, the Human Revolution, The Luminaries, Sasha Rose, Lynx, Desert Dwellers, Phadroid, Lucent Dossier, Blane Lyon, and many others. She has collaborated on tracks with The Human Revolution, Nicoluminous, and others with many more to come. She has been the singer for dance performance groups such as Liquid Fire Mantra & Seraphim since 2008. Performances have included, Harmony Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Earthdance, the Raw Spirit Festival, Emrg-n-see, Burning Man, Beloved, Horning’s Hideout, Enchanted Forest, Symbiosis & internationally at Boom, Envision, & Bali Spirit festivals.

Mz. Love also wears many hats as a clothing & jewelry designer, raw chocolatier, organic chef, foodie, social media queen, dancer, comedian, hula hoopin’, tutu-lovin,’ booty connoisseur & all around ultra-colorful character who loves serving up the Yum with Everyone!

Check out all her offerings on her website.