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Alyosha Barreiro

Mexico, Mexico

Electronica, House

MOLACACHO RECORDS, Speaker Recordings
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Electronic Artist / Producer / DJ

Alyosha Barreiro started his musical career in 1994.

He studied music production in Berklee College of Music, and has been working in world wide important events ever since.

As a producer, some of his tracks such as “September 11”, “Paralyze”, “Devórame” among others, have achieved #1 in different Latin American music charts.

Alyosha Barreiro was awarded ̈Best Electronic Music Artist ̈ by the (DCA ́s) Dj And Clubbing Awards In Mexico.

Performing in front of audiences larger than 100,000 persons from the biggest festivals and most important venues in Mexico such as Estela de Luz, Vive Latino, Goliath Festival, Zócalo Square, Angel de la Independencia, Auditorio Nacional, to the most underground clubs, Alyosha transmits emotions, life and energy with is music.

Alyosha Barreiro has also been touring non stop this last years representing proudly his country.

Alyosha ́s signature is a live act in which he combines a fusion between live instruments that creates unique atmospheres and electronic computer based music.