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Alyanna Lu


Blanco y Negro, Jhaps Records
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Hello my fluffy followers. First of all thank you for following my work.

Here is the part where I will tell you what I studied to become what I am today

I went to a normal school, after I start an economic high-school learning obviously economy, bookkeeping, statistics and a lot of math :))) not exactly my dream but I don’t regret it. This helped me a lot when, later, I started my own business.

I left Rumania and moved in Spain for a while, there I start studding acrobatic dance and musical theater.

I managed to open a Caffe-Bar and a Karaoke-Bar in Jerez de la Frontera (south of Spain)

And in 2011 I start my own music project.

In 2012 came out my first single “We party every day” and I had the surprise to listen it in all ABERCROMBIE & FITCH stores all over the EUROPE.

In 2013 I moved back to Rumania and start a new magical World.