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Paris, France

Psy-Trance, Trance

GOA Records
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Altom is comprised of two dj’s from Paris named Alexis Cornet and Thomas Dubreuil. They met each other in high school and shared a passion for music. In the early 90’s they discovered electronic music when they started going to Raves in and around Paris. It was then that they bought their first turn table and began buying vinyl’s with the thought of becoming dj’s themselves.

They started mixing at parties in the mid 90’s and it became clear that they had to do their own productions. By the year 2000 they had created their own music and became Altom. As Altom they were able to impress Neurobiotic Records with their own sound who in turn released their first album titled “Hologram” in the summer of 2002. This album was a huge success.

They first mixed live as Altom in October of 2002 and since then have played many parties all around the world. These events include large events in Mexico, Brazil, Japan, USA, UK, Scandinavia, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Israel, India, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Coatia and France. These events resembled the Voov Experience, Fullmoon festival in Germany, Glade festival in England, Vision Quest Gathering in Japan, Universo Paralelo in Brasil, and the Sonica festival in Italy. They released tracks on all of the most renowned labels such as Tip, Spirit Zone, Spun, Solstice, Maia, 3D Vision, Liquid and Solid, and of course Neurobiotic. They gained impressive feedback and undutiful reputation. In 2004, they released their second opus with Neurobiotic Records titled “Groove control” which, was more dance-floor oriented. They maintained the elements which characterized their style and crystal clear quality of their first production but added faster grooves and more melodies. In June of 2005 they compiled another cd for Neurobiotic, titled “Groove Controllers”. This cd included remixes from their second album “Groove Control” as well as tracks from other major artists.

They are currently working on their third album that promises to set new boundaries of psychedelic trance while creating a new compilation for a Japanese label called TPE who features top trance artists like Gms, Protuculture, Shanti, Silicon Sound and Bamboo forest. Altom’s sound is a massive morning full on with strong leads, heavy grooves and an innovative psychedelic soundscape. Check it out!