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Al Tami Ra No

Santiago, Chile

Minimal, Techno

AGUA Y SED, DeepInside, Disco Royal
Al Tami Ra No Beatport


Puncturing discs from 1999; in his trajectory, he has had a lot of presentations within the National Electronic scene. In 2003 was one of the first with massive public, invited to the encounter of Dj’s in the Seat de Armas de Lota (VIII Region). Lota Armas Square.

During 2005 he decides to take part of the electronic scene playing in varied celebrations and events along with Dj’ s of the national and international electronic scene such as Wask, Dorian, Daniela Haverbeck, Tweeter (Alvaro Camao), Santiago Siglic (Antofagasta), Ale k-astro (Arg), Leandro Bravo (Arg), Max Kraushaar (Usa), Feliexer (Arg), Diego Bocca (Gb), Lexx (Co), David Bure (Es), Mixomatix (Fr), Dvj Kriel (Usa), Martijn Ten Velden (Gb), Kasso (Pe), entre otros.

His sets is loaded with intensive beats that go from the House at the Techno and its tendencies (minimal, acid, electro). His sets do not let being less playing from 3 to 4 discs with the skill and precision that characterize him in each of his mixings, achieving only sensation in the dancing floor, moves with decision and with an excellent putting in scene.

Thanks to his talent, he has played in different and important clubs, Casa Piedra (2004, 2005), Pecado Capital (2005, 2006, 2007), Trianon Club (2005, 2006), Organiko (2005, 2006, 2007), Bauhaus (2005), Club DaDa (2005, 2006), Bar es lo que hay (2005), Delmonico Borde Rio (2005), Wunderbar (2005), Bar..os Pub (2006), Piso 33 (2006, 2007), Fuente Sport (2006), Indigo (Resident) (2006, 2007), Phajcha Ph (2006), Station Restobar (2007), Bar Dublin (Resident) (2007, 2008), Rave War Of The Beats II (San Antonio) (2005), Opentech Rave (San Antonio) (2006), Scanners (Valdivia) (2006), Space (Osorno) (2006), 592 (Concepcion) (2006), Club Hipico (ao Nuevo 2007), Acertijo (Antofagasta) (2007), Arrayan (ao Nuevo 2008) EL Trole (Valparaiso) First Rave (Curacavi) (2008), among others.