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Alpaut started his music career in 1999. At first he started working on sets and remixes as an amateur. He then sent these to radio and caught chances

to meet people who could affect his music career. In the year 2003 he started doing electronic music and took his place in night cubs at Cyprus.

Alpaut moved to Marmaris in 2004 and gained better success in production work. Also he shared the same Dj box with Dj’s known all over the world.

He did his first piece of work with Mehmet Eden whom he shares his studio. This was done by M-Vitamine Recordings and leaded by Ahmet Şendil.

His songs such as ‘SAME BUT NOT THE SAME’ and ’LOST RELIGIONS’ were put on sale at legal sites such Beatport, Trackitdown, Junodownload, Djdownload,

Dancerecords and Ministryofsound. These songs were listed in many worldwide known Dj’s playlists. Recently he is working for the Marmaris Allstar Project

(including 1 dj, 1 mc, 2 dancers, 1 violists, 1 percussionist, 1 Keyboardist) and attending the event series. He is also the Resident Dj of Club Odeon at Marmaris.



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