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Alonso Varela

London, United Kingdom

Electronica, Techno

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His career as a professional Dj had begun already, but it was not till the early 90`s when he starts to get more and more involved with electronic music, genres like techno were growing fast on the scene, and Alonso was not alien to them. He knows the sound and understands it, the different layers and textures.

That is when he started collaborating with a group of different Djs and producer, very talented people that shared the same passion for the new electro music that was hitting the scene. AV then started working playing sets at “Tik” (Asturias, Spain), he became resident Dj for a couple of years, getting the people in the North of Spain regions to hear and love this new sound, mainly coming from Germany. The club was a huge success. He was still resident at “Tik” when he started Djing at “La Fábrica”, one of the most important after hours in North Spain in the late 90`s.

Big success awaited him, new influences kept Alonso evolving, Djs like Jeff Mills and Heiko Laux were very inspirational for him. Sounds from Detroit and center Europe as well as the UK were out there and he did not want to miss them. Alonso gained fame as one of the best Djs of the moment. OMEN in Frankfurt and OXA in Zurich required of his services, for a few times, becoming one of the first Spanish Djs to play sets abroad.

“La Fábrica” closed its doors at the end of the 90`s. One of the most important and oldest clubs in the region was finished. But AV, and the Djs and producers he worked with back then, left a beautiful techno legacy that still remains.

AV (Alonso Varela) is based in the UK, where he has been exploring new sounds, and has been back on the scene, playing sets in UK, France, Denmark, Spain and at Indonesia. The present is looking bright and exciting, working along side DG in the creation of “MMDREC”, a vibrant new electronic music label, where on december 2012 he released his techno album debut “The Subconscious Awakening” with massive support worldwide.