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…Wow, the end of 2006 was particularly busy for DJ Alma. He had to manage with a number of troubled-rain-soaked gigs as last year’s Discovery Networks showcase, sharing stage with international pop-rock band Los Bacilos, the usual-never-announced appearances at Elmo Bar and the opening of the wild Dieselboy party in Caracas, the greatest Drum And Bass event of the year, where he had the chance to prepare the crowd for US #1 performer of the genre.

And new year looks like a young and shiny opportunity. He’s got some brand events on schedule and looks ready to take advantage of new equipment and the sort of new toys DJ’s tend to consider of reluctant importance. As a classic turntablist, Alma has finally come to the decision of mastering those Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2, and consequently, play more CD’s on his sets.

“My vinyl case is the soundtrack of my life” DJ Alma usually says. But he probably falls short on this, with hundreds of hours of mixed tapes and cd’s on his back, most of them aired more than once by several radio stations throughout Venezuela, building a huge collection of nearly eternal non-stop deep and soulful beats. “Deejayin’ was the first way I found to get involved on the underground dance scene”, he says. “And even today it gives a lot of sense to my everyday life. It is kind of strange how I still get truly amazed when two songs become one by matching them right at the perfect moment. I never get tired of the joy it causes me”.

Telmo Almada, aka DJ Alma, has been spinnin’ decks since the early eighties. Based in Caracas, he ran Katmandu Dance Mobile, with which he toured Venezuela’s major cities and dance venues. He also aired more than 400 hours of mixed disco, HNRG, freestyle, electro and the so called 80’s new wave through 99.0 Club Mix radio show.

During the early 90’s he took a long pause out of the DJ booth to follow a career as a journalist. But it wasn’t rare he always kept his love for music in heart and mind. Inspired in his teens by 70’s disco music and being an underground soul scene enthusiast, Alma was soon captivated by late 90’s house and deep house music. That’s one of the main reasons he made an unexpected but strong come back to turntablism along with the rise of the new millennium.

Since 2000 he’s been playing as a guest in the Caracas night club circuit and built a reputation as a music advisor on big fashion events for the haute couture industry. After some high profile shows as Salon Mercedes Benz de la Moda 2003, Salon Brahma de la Moda Playera 2004, Salon Solera Light de la Moda 2004, Brahma Fashion Beach 2005 and Jose Maria Almeida 2005, every one of them gathering top designers in Latin America, Alma soon became a reference in playing avant garde sounds behind top models’ catwalk. Then he had his first appearance on national TV during the live broadcast of Modelos 2003, a prime time fashion show aired by Televen. As a journalist, Alma contributes weekly for El Nacional, the main daily newspaper in Venezuela and monthly for CARAS Magazine, the leading fashion publication, where he writes on music, deejayin’ and trends.

Telmo also finds himself very lucky to be considered as a “fourth member” of electro and synth pop trio Cerouno, an emergent electronic band with which he shares live stages in frequent local pop and rock concerts and festivals. In 2004 Alma and Cerouno took part of Circuito Nueva Bandas a series of live shows introducing new local bands to mainstream audience. On the weekend of 24/25 of July Alma made the spin for Festival Nuevas Bandas, a two-day rock concert with a total audience of 6.000, which was live broadcasted by La Mega 107 FM.

Famous for his precision mixing techniques Alma is again a resonant name in the Caracas DJ community and is frequently invited to play his deep and progressive house sessions in major events as the recent “Iceland 2004” beach party, in the hot Caribbean spot of Margarita island, where he shared decks with great international guests such as Christian Smith, Eddie Amador and Ivano Bellini, as well as renowned local DJ Colly. After this high scale performance, facing a massive audience of 8.000, Alma was named among Venezuela’s top 20 DJ’s by national radio station Planeta FM 105.3.