Allister Whitehead Beatport


Allister Whitehead’ DJing career started way back in 1987 at the tender age of 17, where he played all over his hometown of Nottingham. He eventually took up a residency at Nottingham’ Koolkat, where he could often be seen playing next to the ubiquitous Graeme Park on Saturday nights. It was during this period that his reputation began to spread. He moved on to become resident at the seminal Nottingham club Venus (also one of Sasha’ career making clubs). His big break came when Mike Pickering of M People asked Allister to cover his DJing slot at the Hacienda as he was on tour with the group. On the strength of this Allister was offered a residency. He achieved cult status at Golden, which was voted club of the year in 1993. This set the stage for a residency at Cream, where Allister found his largest following yet. At the same time his nationwide status was achieved at Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher and just about every club in between. Having proved his worth as a Premier league DJ Allister felt that it was time to set up his own club – Zero G in Nottingham. This regularly saw crowds of 1500+ as the only place you could see Allister DJ on a Saturday night and also saw Allister’ demand to play at other clubs go through the roof.

He was truly established as a household name worldwide with the Gold selling Fantazia Album ‘The House Collection Volume 3’ which was the biggest selling DJing compilation ever seen at the time. This opened up the floodgates to a new era where the dance music industry is dominated by Compilation sales. Since then, he has achieved 3 more Gold and 2 more silver albums with further compilations for Fantazia and Ministry of Sound.

Nowadays Allister is one of the four biggest DJ’ in the UK House scene along with Danny Rampling, Graeme Park and CJ Mackintosh. He can be seen at the UK’ most respected clubs currently playing House music, such as Bed in Sheffield (monthly), Code in Birmingham, Faith in Hull (bi-monthly), Cream and Ministry of Sound, which regularly boast the country’ largest attendance figures. He is one of the few DJ’ to fill these clubs on his own. Last year he completed a mad year playing in up to 4 countries a week, which he is set to repeat this year and is currently travelling further a field then ever before. Working in some of the finest clubs in the world in America, Asia and Europe. There’ a tour planned for Australia/Asia with Miss Moneypenny’ in June.

Having achieved commercial success in his production and remixing career, working with people like Martha Walsh, Natalie Imbruglia and Robbie Williams, he has recently set up his own record label ‘Sporting’. This label sets out to be more creative and innovative than others by utilising the close relationship of House and Progressive music enjoyed in Clubs. Allister aims to extend this by having a house ‘A’ side showcasing the sound that Allister is famed for, and a Progressive/Tech House ‘B’ side. It’ first release – Blackheadz ‘Saturday Night’ came out to fantastic reactions achieving high chart ratings in the press and from fellow DJ’. It was also featured on the ‘Ministry’ Magazine cover CD by Tom Stephan (who is at no. 1 in his chart). It sold out and had to be re-pressed. His 2nd release (which sold out within days) under the pseudonym James Gumb fully exploits the tougher side of his DJing skills. Allister had a number of his personal copies of the track stolen by other DJ’ after they’ve heard him play it in clubs! The ‘B’ side of the record featured a new track by Dino ‘Fingers’ Ramirez to keep all the prog fans happy. Allister’ remix for WEA Records of Rainstar ‘Breakdown’ was placed at number 3 in the Hype chart.

He now has 4 superb tracks completed or near completion utilising the finest vocalists and musicians. The first release will be ‘Let the Music (Use You)’, with Errol Green on vocals. Errol had a number 1 record in the 90’ as part of China Black called ‘Searching’ and as well as Allister he’ been working alongside the Rhythm Masters. The next track will be ‘Take Some Time Out’, with a fantastic Swedish vocalist called Charlie King. After these 2 he’ made a track with Beverly Skeet who we all remember for the seminal club tracks ’Isn’t it Time’ by Kuva and of course the cover version of ‘Passion’ by ‘Gat Decor’, ‘Do You Want it Right Now’. The fourth track is currently in production and as with the rest of them utilises the skill of Michele – a keyboardist whom Allister describes as the best he’ ever worked with. Michele has been Dave Lee’ keyboardist for some time and is currently writing for Pavarotti!

With the recent addition of production to his already enormous list of talents, things have never looked so good for Allister!