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Matt Allaby is a trance producer from Manchester in the UK. His unique sound has been forged through his background in the acid house scene in the ‘Madchester’ nineties and the years following where Matt played his part in the beginnings of the Northern psytrance scene.

He was a resident dj and co-promoter of the ‘Sunrise’ party in Manchester from its creation in 1997. This became a launch pad for his studio work which first saw fruition on Spiral Trax in 2002.

In the last 2 years matt’s gigs include Glastonbury and Glade (UK), Sonica (IT), Voov (DE), Taz (Israel) Rainbow Serpent (Aus) and Kabbalah and Universo Parallelo (Brazil). Released tracks since 2002 on record labels including Nano, Spiral Trax, Twisted, Neurobiotic, Alchemy and Digital Structures.

One unique facet of Allaby’s music is that he is able to tailor his set to suit a both the full-on scene and a more progressive sounding arena. He has worked affectively both as a headliner and as an act that can smoothly create a transition from progressive sounds to full on and vise-versa. Listen out for his more deep progressive vibes in his remix of Landmark, and for a stomping psy-trance track, the epic and trademark sound that is also Allaby, ‘Angel of My Soul.’

To catch a live performance of Allaby this year look out for him at the Glade, Glastonbury, Ozora, Sonica, Aurora to name a few.

Some reviews on Allaby’s music…..

Allaby – Aurorae [140 BPM]

Next up is Matt Allaby who is really started to get recognized for his work lately, with stunning releases on labels like Nano and Alchemy. “Aurorae” is yet another high class release from him – powerful, but without the constant breaks and aggressive “in-your-face” approach like way too much full on has at the moment. The melodies are stunning, yet quite subtle, and overall this is a wonderful morning tune.

(Jan. 2006,

The Egg – Angel Of My Soul (Allaby Remix) [140 BPM]

First up is UK’s biggest talent at the moment in my opinion, Allaby, with a remix for “Angel Of My Soul”, originally found on The Egg’s album “Forwards”. Despite not having lots of tracks released so far, Allaby has already appeared on labels like Twisted, Nano, Spiral Trax, Alchemy and Neurobiotic, and he gave a stellar liveset at last years Sonica. His sound can best be described as a mixture of progressive and full on – relentless, pumping drives, but still with a sophisticated sense of buildup and progression, and this remix is no exception. Classy tune.

(Feb. 2007

“Imaginarium” is a really impressive tune, and is certainly among my favourite full on bangers this year. Although only running at 140 BPM it’s extremely powerful from beginning to end, with an incredible, relentless drive, in the last couple of minutes embellished with some heavenly, uplifting effects and amazing, raw leads. Pure fucking gold!