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All Elektronic Kool

San Diego, United States

Progressive House, Tech House

Beat Ascension Recordings
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Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego California and Central America in the country of Panama, Alex Enrique Campain better known by his stage name AEK abbreviation for “All Elektronic Kool is known for his unique progressive house music productions and dj style" AEK is a EDM house music pioneer, producer/dj and one of the label bosses of the highly recognized EDM record label Beat Ascension Recordings.

In 2007 Alex Campain relocated to the beautiful and colorful city of Tijuana Baja California, where his name quickly became synonymous with house music venues and around the world. His Musical beginnings started at the early age of 12 as a dancer, dancing to the tunes of 80’s EDM and listening to artist such as Kraftwerk and Soul Sonic Force,Mantronix, New Order and Depech Mode along many others gave inspiration and greatly influence AEK’s sound.

At the age of 12 he entered his school talent show contest and won 2nd prize. This inspired him even further to begin his musical producer career at the age of 15 when his father gave him his first electronic keyboard and beatbox the Roland 808 in December of 1987.

Since acquiring his first keyboard and beatbox in 1987 and producing his first electronic dance music tracks at age 16 and releasing his first vinyl record in 1990 with group Internal Affairs of Dezign Records Inc. Alex Campain holds one of the most expensive records on the market having a estimated worth of around $500-$700 per copy.

His early interactions,production and recordings with many big Notable acts and producers such as Paul Van Dyke and Diaz Brothers inspire AEK even further to come back into the EDM scene. AEK life long passion for producing EDM music and his determination to spread electronic dance music sounds became his main objective and life long passion.

The distraction of life lured him away from His dream until 1997 when his life long dream and passion for making electronic dance music once again gave in, meeting with a old school friend AEK began organizing and formed the group “Impacto” a electro dance music spanish group that would soon opened new doors for himself and his brother in 1999, when they got air played throughout Mexico and California on radio 98.9 More FM. They became a huge hit within Mexico and all throughout the United States West Coast electronic dance music community.

In 1999 AEK Alex Campain and his group Impacto where invited to appear on many national Mexican television shows such Nuestra Belleza Mexico and many other Tv Networks on Mexico Premier channel Televisa where they where awarded a performance award by Mexico’s biggest beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza and beauty Queen Lupita Jones.

In 2001 Impacto broke up because of differences within the members of the group and Alex Campain was forced to enter the corporate work force once again. Always thinking of his life long dream and passion music was not to end for Alex Campain where in 2007 once again AEK entered the EDM scene. In 2008 AEK became a dj/producer giving AEK an advantage over non dj producers as AEk’s audience grew so did his popularity within the social networks of the internet and EDM world. His productions have since been played in ibiza by such DJS as Paul Van Dyk,Quantica, Hardwell,Carl Cox. His music has taken him around the world from Ibiza,Spain to Italy, UK ,Germany, Panama and Mexico to some of the best clubs,stadiums and music festivals around the planet..

In 2012 AEK along with his brother Gustavo Campain also known as G1 Campain Decided to start their own EDM record label Beat Ascension Recordings also Known as “B.A.R “ now highly recognized as one of EDM best progressive house music labels throughout the world. Alex Campain currently works as a music producer/dj and artist representative for the company.