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Alicia D Duchess

AKA: Alicia Awai

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Undoubtedly one of the most wanted Dj’s in the business today. Born the last of seven children and hailing from Diamond Vale, Diego Martin (Vale girl!), Alicia started out in the business as young as 11-years, taking pattern from her older brothers whom were a Premier, mainstay Dj outfit back in the 80’s known as (LKC – Love Kid Crew). Accredited to her name, she is a 2-time Fresh Fest champion, copping the titles in 1986 & 1987.

Alicia started her broadcasting career in 1997 with Power 102FM, filling a series of overnight and part-time “On-Air” shifts. Her broadcasting career began to take full shape when she moved over to join the 98.9FM prolific team in 1999 as a Dj/Programme Producer and spent some 6-years as one of the top rated Dj’s/Music Programmers with the very popular youth oriented radio station. The time spent with 98.9 helped to redefine the Duchess brand and today, Alicia can be heard each and every Saturday on Hott 93.5FM, broadcasting throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Her choice of Hott93.5fm is due to the variety of chart topping genres of music afforded, which allows her the flexibility to move across musical boundaries, always on the cutting edge in trend setting energetic music.

Alicia (Duchess) has a style of her own within a business predominantly male dominated. She is well organized and possesses raw talent with an incomparable ease. As a true professional, Dj Alicia D’ Duchess is always is ready to perform any format, style & venue with expert care & flawless performance making her a return visitor to almost every venue she spins. Her accomplishments to date has lead to many opportunities and to date has done a considerable amount of touring thus far, to name a few, she has touched places like, Toronto, Montréal, New York, Miami, Boston, Washington, London and most of major Caribbean destinations, including, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua and many more.

Alicia has always been a versatile Dj, being able to play for many a different crowd from all walks of life. Her sets include a variety of genres and styles from soca to alternative beats, hip-hop to R&B. Her plans for the future are to continue to strive to do the very best at what she does and maybe someday open and operate a production house/studio. If you ask her to rate her self as a dj today, she’ll just tell you let the music speak for itself. Alicia has already left an indelible mark on the Dj business and continues to grow in popularity.