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    Now up for grabs through GRVNDCR is the four-track "Bruiser" EP from ALGO. Currently based out of...

    Tue 24th March 10 AM
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Alexei Golovko, alias DJ Algo, was born in Moscow, USSR on the 11th of March 1978. At the age of 7 Alexei started moving with his parents all over the Northern hemisphere. His first stop was in New York, USA, and then at the age of 10 his family moved to Geneva, Switzerland. His final stop was in Vienna, Austria, when he turned 13. All over the years Alexei was influenced by different cultures and music styles.

Alexei’s first deejay experience was when he was still attending high school. He was regularly organizing parties in and outside his school. After he moved to college, Alexei took a 5-year-long break from deejaying and concentrated on his studies in management and marketing. However, his passion for music was still so strong, that in winter 1999 he flew over to Florida to witness the Miami Music Conference. The experience was so intensive, that by summer he was completely into House music.

After finishing his Master of Arts degree in September 2001, DJ Algo accepted a proposal to become a resident deejay at a small House bar called “Bash” in the very heart of the city. “Bash” was very popular among the Viennese party people and has often hosted warm-up parties for the Pleasure clubbing. Alexei started by mixing his house CDs, but the whole thing has excited him so much, that in December he bought his first records in London, UK. Two weeks later he already had his first turntables at home.

DJ Algo’s breakthrough happened in July 2002 at the “Afterworx” clubbing at the Meierei, one of the top Viennese summer locations. Shortly after, he was invited to Motion in Graz, where he has played his longest set ever. That was the beginning of a long-term partnership with this and other clubs in Graz, the capital of Styria.

By December DJ Algo has reached the next step in his career. He started playing at Palais Down Kinsky – one of the hippest and largest locations of the city. His biggest success there was the New Year clubbing, where he once again presented a six-hour-long nonstop set.

2003 has begun well for Alexei. In February DJ Algo has accepted his next resident job at La Habana, a mix of a show cocktail bar and a club. In April he was invited to play at the Fresh Friday clubbing at Noodles, sharing the turntables with such famous Viennese deejays as DJ Sonic, DJ Met d’Phunk, and DJ Phan.Thomas. By the end of Summer DJ Algo presented his set at Volksgarten’s Garden Club – the most prestigious Saturday night clubbing in Vienna.

Although DJ Algo can still be considered a newcomer, he will definitely be seen rocking the crowd in and outside Vienna over and over again.

“I believe that house music is powerful enough to carry away your everyday stress and put a smile on your face.“ (DJ Algo)