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Alfred Azzetto

Treviso, Italy


Clubstar, Maya Records, miniMarket
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Alfred Azzetto has proven his capability with productions such as the hugely successful DB Boulevard – Point Of View and more recently remixes for Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Atlantic Records, Reelgroove and many more. His latest project, Colors has had an incredible amount of support from the media and some of the best house music DJs and producers.

Alfred Azzetto has an undeniably prolific production portfolio under his belt. This has developed from a solid 20 years of experience which has led him to become one of the most respected and leading figures for house music, in Italy if not the world. Point of View, the debut single of his DB Boulevard project was without a doubt a smash hit, remaining number one on the US billboard dance chart for three weeks. This track was also one of the biggest selling singles in Italy which led to a nomination for the MTV Music Awards 2002.

More recent work from Alfred Azzetto includes remixes for Hed Kandi, Ministry of sound, Atlantic Records and Reelgroove. 2007 saw Alfred take the spotlight again with his more recent production Colors released on Purple Music. This track caused havoc at the WMC 2007 and has now had a much demanded follow-up with the addition of timeless vocals performed by Genieve Allen and sophisticated remixes from a selection of awesome producers. When people discuss Aflred as a DJ, they have always found it difficult to pigeon-hole his style. He has procreated a unique blend, rich in musical flavour, that can only be described as an amalgamation of genres that tantalize everyone’s taste buds. This rich sound has developed from a broad musical background which is regarded as the key to his success.