Top 25k on The DJ List

Alfonso Padilla

Cartagena, Colombia

House, Tech House

Afrosoup, Definitive Recordings, DO2Night
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ALFONSO PADILLA Born in Cartagena, Colombia. He gained rapid recognition in 1997 when he became one of the most acclaimed local DJs of that year. Three years later, in the year 2000, he became a resident dj in one of the most famous clubs in the city of Cali. Not long after this he was recognized nationally as one of the country’s top DJs as a regular resident of the most prestigious clubs in Medellin, which is considered to be Columbia’s capital of underground club music. After enjoying some success Padilla had the creative urge to make his own music and productions. His first single – KAMASUTRA (under the name COCOCOLOMBIA) was picked up by John Acquaviva’s imprint DEFINITIVE RECORDINGS. Padilla went on to produce several follow-up releases for Definitive, including PANASIA, FLAMBO, THE GAME, KARDIO and BOMPAX. He was a pioneer of this new sound in South America and was a perfect fit for Acquaviva’s new imprint SOUTH AMERICAN SOUNDS, which celebrates the new and exciting music emerging from this part of the world. Padilla has made his mark on the continent with his productions and his acclaimed DJ sets. He continues to have a national impact with a busy DJ schedule. This set of productions, have carried him to wander around the best national scenarios and to maintain himself as one of the best DJs and producers of the electronic music scene.