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Alexis Azzo

Montpellier, France


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Pioneers of the Bouncing beats from south of france, Vinyl’s Junkie and Turntablism warrior

Underground French DJ Alexis Azzo has built his international reputation on an ability to create a very characteristic personal style, which creatively identifies each one of his sets, where the musical quality is the common denominator and where the music is the greatest story ever told.

Alexis’s story began in 1992, when he decided to buy his Technics, some decks and started mixing…

He’s influences and inspirations come from the 70’s NYC Funk music, the ItaloDisco sound, from his Master ’’Mixterry’’ and from the progressive electronic 80/90’s sound.

Maybe the first from the French Scene to extend his performances all over the world and still continues to do it.

He has produced a wide range of records and especially 12" singles under White label at the beginning of French electronic movement and has played, for myriad crowds, in pretty much corner of the globe and in every major nightspot you could care to mention: the early raves and illegal parties in south of France, the good NYC Acid House Parties, the infamous secret beach and villa parties in Ibiza, the wild bohemian parties of London, the party in Chianti, …

Alexis push the forms of sound creativity, always spinning, always producing; he never stops and stays one of the most respected Mediterranean DJ’s and undoubtedly one of the South of Europe scene’s brightest underground stars.

but :


Alexis azzo as ‘’Rumble in the Jungle’’ :!:!:!

Vinyl’s Junkie and Turntablism warrior since 1993 …. blah blah blah blah blah…Alexis azzo is the most gorgeous dj in the world… blahblahblah…alexis azzo has been the first dj on the moon…blah blah blah… alexis azzo is the best artist in the world …blah blah blah…he has long been known as the man who “discovered” how to play 2/3 vinyl’s in same time !!!…blah blah blah…

azzo is the Best DanceFloor Junkie !!!…. blah…blah… blah . . .Yeah…Yeah…YeahhhHHHH !!!