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From the quiet city of Palos Verdes. My music interests range from the greats, Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond, Ronski Speed, and more. I grew up on Daft Punk and AVB and have been producing for the past 2 years, DJing for over 4. I attended and graduated the producer program at the School of Audio Engineering Technical School in Hollywood, CA. I’m a Music Technology major and have produced over 20 tracks personally, but you only get to hear my favorites. I am currently working on my first album, titled “Behind The Mask” and am focusing this month on post production and mastering, as well as locating a suitable record company. I love trance music over all and it will be the main focus of my career as an artist and as a Music Technology major. I plan to creat the base for Trance music here in Los Angeles, as it is a scene much overlooked and ignored here, yet has the potential to create quite a demand with the right marketing. If i could join one label in this world it would be Armada, hands down. Joining that label would be the dream come true and i work everyday towards attaining that goal. Drop a line and recommend this page to other trance fans, also be sure to check out my latest gig dates and my other websites, including the Official new layout @