Alexander Maier Beatport


At the beginning of his career dj Alexander Maier aka All*Star played underground techno music. Over the early years he got more and more influenced by the Detroit and Chicago house stuff, so he quit with the techno stuff in 1994 and became one of the few local house djs in Stuttgart.

Today Alexander belongs to one of the most popular and (inter-)national booked djs of Stuttgart’s minimal-, tech- & electro house-scene.

In the summer of 2000 dj all*stars second release on Exun records, became one of the most played tracks all over Europe. Caribbean souls has been featured on mtv and played by Danny Rampling and the brit jockey pack on several Ibiza summer events on and on.

2002 dj all*star returned with Luxus – a massive, Latin inspired track, which set the roofs on fire, especially in several dj-sets and radio-shows on Ibiza. Meantime -Luxus has been licensed by various labels and on various compilations.

His last remix for dj Del Costa & Pedro Goya of freaky mike entered the German club charts (DCC). This stunning electro monster has been played all over Europe.

In 2003 Alexander founded together with his dj-mate john disco the electro-minimal-funk-punk-project kLEINkARIERT (

His last Single -L.E.A. – who has been released in June 2005 on Exun Records caused lots of troubles on Dancefloors worldwide and got charted by many recommended DJs such as Fafa Monteco, David Duriez or Linus.

In February 2006 his next high quality production -E.M.O. – will be released – surely on Exun Records. So watch out for this talented guy. There is definitively a lot of more to come in 2006.