Language: English

ALEX25 is an artist that express himself throught music. He started his career as musician with 17 years old producing music and making dj mixes. The style of ALEX25 is Dance music and subgenres of electronic dance music. As composer your mayor success was the song “Open Your Mind” in 2012. ALEX25 also is known by your DJ mixes, where he mix dance vocal songs and where energy and happiness are in a first position.

In him career once in a year ALEX25 write an Year End Statement explaining to their fans what he think about himself and music every year, and what he will do next year. This is a tradition that ALEX25 has been doing for years, and where he express your ideas out of their songs.

In the objectives of the musical career of ALEX25 are found become the #1 DJ of the world, and achieve make Humanity happier and that this world (And the future places where Humanity will live in the future) be a better place throught music and positive feelings.

Him is ALEX25, an ambitious artist, with clear ideas and that wants the best for Humanity.



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