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  • Dirty Dancefloors

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    Fri 19th November 10 PM
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    The Hip Hop Chip Shop

    Line-up: ALEX, BEATS, ZEYLA, JACK DUCKHAM and more
    Sat 20th November 12 PM
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In 1997 the crazy madness started by hearing the track “energy” by the “Disco droids”. Ferry Corsten remixed this track under the name of Moonman. Damn that track had to be his and soon DJ-Alex figured out this baby could only be bought on Vinyl. Well since he had no choice. he ordered one copy and few weeks later it was in his possession. His first real vinyl and very proud of that one. He still loves to hear the sweet melody pumping through his brain.

As he did not have any equipment to play the record he had to buy himself a turntable. However money was not an option at that moment. So he was ‘happy as Larry’ that he could borrow 2 soundlab turntables and an old mixer.. The first look at the equipment that DJ-Alex set up made his hart beat faster, he knew something had to be done with that stuff. So buying vinyl started soon. Months of practicing made him come to his first album he compiled: “DJ Alex – Trance mix part I”, it was called. At that time the energetic trance was non-commercial and hit everyone at the right spots. So many positive reactions, so many satisfactions made him come to the second album and third and so on.

In the meantime trance has made very big steps forwards into the future. But still whenever DJ-Alex hears those classic records he still feels bad about not having bought more vinyl back in those early days. He still collect many classic trance records and is very proud of the collection he now owns. Some great memories come up when I listen to those classic baby’ . Nowadays DJ-Alex style has become more a progressive-style trance, beautiful tracks with lots of strings combined in it, euro groove, and even a few techno tracks. But he still has got to have that special feeling about a record before he buys it. Music has become a big part of his live.. He loves to give a message to people who listen to his music, positive energy, good feelings.

Without his close friends who have always been supportive and stimulating, DJ-Alex would not have made it up to this far. So here by he would like to give ‘a big thank u!’ to everyone for their positive reactions. He recently finished His latest album "DJ Alex – Trance mix part 10. He still has that big smile and good feeling when he finishes an album.

His first live performance in Amsterdam has been extremely successful. Not only did He had a good time and played some great sets, the people loved it, dancing away for hours. Ending with that the police came to shut down the party well after closing time. He still feels like he has taken a huge step by doing that. He hopes to perform many more great live sessions like that first one and he hopes that you all will support him with that.