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Alex Zelenka was born in Chicago, Illinois USA. From a young age Alex studied music and aspired to be a professional musician and actor. Since then Alex has worked hard to become a respected musician, producer and DJ. Performing countless shows in nearly every major US city and touring Europe are among his many accomplishments. Alex has also worked as an extra in a variety of big budget feature films, TV sitcoms and continues to Perform music performances including a 2016 tour as opener for Crystal Castles. These days Alex plays at exclusive and select amount of shows each year preferring quality over quantity. As a producer, Alex has completed multiple Vinyl releases and over thirty digital ‘Song + Remix’ releases which are available through all major online distributors. Alex is proudly accredited for his work with internationally recognized music group Crystal Castles, touring, remixing and collaborating with artist Ethan Kath. Alex maintains a constant schedule between running his record label ‘Invisibles’, hosting events internationally and organizing new music releases with different underground talents from around the world.