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Alex Torn is an electronic music producer and Dj from Liege, Belgium. He discovered Trance music in his ealry 20’s and fell in love with The genre.

After playing around with “protrackers” programs he decided to start producing his music more seriously and learnt Cubase. His first productions were mostly trance music with a preference for the melodic side of the genre. The year 2007 saw Alex gaining some exposure after winning several competitions on music websites and getting some enthusiastic support on his myspace from the trance community. That gave him extra motivation to improve with his music.

As an electronic music lover he also started to diversify his productions into other styles as house, techno and even breakbeat. At the end of 2008 he got his first record contracts with several labels includind the legendary Bonzai Records. He’s now releasing single after single and is remixing good producers all over the world. The electronic music logically led Alex to DJing and he started spinning in clubs, discovering the enormous joy of moving the crowds. His DJ carreer is now reaching another level with many request for gigs and guest mixes on big radio shows.