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Alexey Volikov, better known as Alex Stealthy was born on May 15, 1980 in Moscow, Russia. Alex’s first sign of musical interest broke the surface at the age of 10 when he concentrated his creative energies on guitar playing. However, Alex’s true musical development occurred at the age of 14 when a friend of his introduced him to a form of electronica. An undying passion and love for this genre of music was immediately sparked in Alex. With nearly no musical education or training, Alex began to explore musical composition. At the age of 16, Alex was proving his love with musical compositions in the genre of electronica. After receiving massive positive feedback, Alex decided that it was time to share his visions in music with other artists. In 1999 he formed an acid house project dubbed Acid Rain (also known as The Acid Gang) with Two Friends. After much success with Acid Rain in the Moscow acid house scene, Alex began individual projects concentrating mainly on drum and bass. After some time, the artists in The Acid Gang parted ways. Alex then began expanding his horizons and experimenting with intelligent drum and bass, as well as tech step and various other forms of the drum and bass genre. After continuous individual exploration, Alex came across Irene Jane, and formed their project called T.A.G. One celebrated work of the critically acclaimed T.A.G was called “Fire". This was an atmospheric and soothingly melodic drum and bass track, featuring additional trumpet playing. With the success of “Blue Eyes” and “Fire”, T.A.G was soon signed to DHV records. With no hesitation, Alex continued to challenge and expand his musical views and abilities. After meeting frequently with DHV member, Michael Darius, Alex Stealthy began taking new interest in progressive trance, deep trance, and various other forms of progressive house. Michael and Alex quickly collaborated and formed “Darius & Stealthy”, producing progressive house and deep trance. Alex exercises his musical mind by working as a team and individually. Alex currently works alone in remixing tracks with his own unique style progressive. He coupled with T.A.G. in producing progressive trance and house; while simultaneously working with Michael in Darius & Stealthy. In year 2004 Alex was signed to SOG Records (and became and artist of this label) and Pangea Recordings. His first EP on SOG “From Russia with Love” received big response from world-wide djs’, producers. His music is supported by Markus Schultz, Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Kasey Taylor, Greed, LikWit, Shiloh, Blueroom project, Christopher Lobsinger, Steve Gerrard(Wrecked Angle) and many others. Although Alex’s journey has been productive and fulfilling, his creative mind an the open road which lies ahead, leaves him with endless possibilities to captivate his eager audiences of the future.