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Alex Pi


House, Tech House


Hailing from Rotterdam Holland, Alex Pi (3,14). With a performance log spanning from Europe to the US and even Africa, it’s safe to say, no matter your location, that Alex Pi will stir up a substantial regimen of VIBRANT heat.

“Dedicated to the music, it is common to see Alex making efforts to visit the U.S. without any expectations other than to spread his art. Experimenting with three Decks, Alex Pi manifests styles of Techno, Electro and House that contain originality, soul and spirit ".

It al began in 96/97 at the age of 16 in Vlaardingen in the summer time. Recording his tapes at home and playing them in the local shops ’Zeespiegel’’and the cafe ‘Zeezicht’. His first big place where he could show his skills was ‘Podium Gallery X’.
After this, everything went fast…..he played on a radio station in Delfteverytwo/threeweeks. 

Every weekend you could find Alex Pi playing on after parties in Rotterdam, where he met an american student, who took him to the states and showed him around in the american house scene. You could say that Alex has prooved him self being consistent in keeping his audiencepassionate.

In 2003 he started his onw label 2Recordz. 2Recordz will concentrate its marketing and promotion efforts to support and develop recording artists to increase sales within the regions artists perform live. 2Recordz will utilise the artists live performances in the region as the foundation of the promotion and marketing efforts so as to increase sales at the shows and within the retail stores in the cities where the artist performs live.

Gene Farris started his own label, `Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc., in 1998 with ‘The Copa Cabana EP.’ Among the label’s many loved EPs is FWR 008 that includes a DJ Sneak remix of Farris’ `The Spirit.’ As the catalog grows, Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc. continues to prosper and gain respectability within the industry. Farris takes pride in discovering new talent from Chicago and around the world such as, studio master mind Jason Heinrichs, heavenly vocalist Lady Sarah, and also releasing the first record of red hot band Greenskeepers.

In February of 2001, Gene Farris revealed his latest brainchild, Farris Wheel Limited, which is a spin-off of Farris Wheel Recordings. His concept of Farris Wheel Limited is designed to feature more organic productions. Farris Wheel Limited artists are incorporating LIVE feeds into their melodic soulful beats that are filling DJ bags world wide. That has featured remixes from Jay- J, Derrick Carter, Glenn Underground, Brett Johnson, Jason Hendricks, Boo Williams, Nick Santillian A.K.A. Behind the groove, Mr. ALI, and many more..

Industry Recordings is a Chicago House label based in Amsterdam. This the third instalment in the Farriswheel Recordings legacy from Gene Farris. The labels goal is to release quality funky, sexy house music, made for the dancefloor. And in 2006 Alex Pi became Gene Farris’s labelpartner.

Afro Acid Plastik was created for the VINYL purist. We believe there is still a demand for vinyl and the authenticity and uniqueness it brings.

With so many digital labels on the various download sites, it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle so we are pleased to provide another avenue to all djs and music fans who desire the authentic feel that only vinyl can give. Not only do we embrace the technology we are surrounded by, we are still very passionate about the medium that we 1st got our beats from…Vinyl. 

Not to mention a wide range of DJ’s still prefer the Midas touch of that plastic-DJ Pierre 

DJ Pierre aka Tha Don…the man responsible for inventing Acid House in the 80’s and Wild Pitch in 90’s has always kept his right ear in tune with this House movement. He, along with his label partner and A&R Alex Pi have found a home for worldwide distribution with Prime Direct Distribution. 

We are interested in signing Artists who are very free and open in their productions. Our releases will be true to the Afro Acid mold. There will be no barriers. Our artist can go from being an Electro act, to Acid, Deep House, Techno, etc. Just good electronic Music. 

For Alex Pi his podcast go to his podcast page or click on the iTunes or rss feed to listen to the ultra magnifying beats of Alex Pi and friends.

Latest news of Mister Pi is the collaboration with Rudichi. 


“Da Jungle” – Louie Vega VS. DJ Pierre, Afro Acid

“Stress Or Justice – DJ Pierre rework of Justice, Afro Acid

“Back And Fourth” – Gene Farris ft. JDub, Farris Wheel Recordings