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Dj Alex-p was born in Agios Nikolaos of the island of Crete, Greece. Until the age of 10 Alex-p and his family were living in the United States of America. Back in Greece and at the age of 13 Alex-p and his close friend Johnny D were learning the art of mixing at a closed club, giving them many hours of free practice time… At the age of 14, Dj Alex-p got his first resident Dj gig at Lipstick club. Mostly with [email protected] tunes and mainstream beats, Alex-p’s Dj stocks were rising in the small town of Agios Nikolaos. By the age of 17, Alex-p was the resident Dj of Cube Bar, side by side with the top Dj of the city at the time, Dj Marnelo. After one season, Alex-p made his move to the Biggest club in town Lotus. Gaining reputation and fans, Alex-p slowly got into the music production area, always under the eyes of Dj Marnelo. By 2007 Alex-p was back is his place (Resident Dj at Cube Bar) and released his first Remix with the support of Dj Marnelo “Michalis Hatzigiannis- Kleinw ta Matia”… The remix was quite a success in the dj cycle of greece, hitting the 7th place of Top Fm airplay charts, and making a mark of 2,300 downloads mostly from Greek Djs! By the age of 20, Dj Alex-p had singed to be the resident Dj of the just renewed Molo Club. After an amazing season, it was time for Dj Alex-p to open his wings and move to the capital city of Athens, enrolling into the Audio Engineering class of the SAE institute of Athens. Currently Dj Alex-p occasionally organizes event’s usually hosted by Soho Bar, Gakzi Athens. Dj Alex-p tunes can be downloaded at forums, facebook or by just requesting them with an e-mail. Videos of Dj Alex-p can be found at youtube, and photographic archives on facebook. When Dj Alex-p is on the decks, he mostly plays mainstream club beats, inspired by artists such as Pryda, Deadmau5, Inpetto, Glen Morrison, Mark Knight, Hernan Cattaneo and many others. Events, parties and private situations are his strong points, so if you’re a clubbing animal, or a progressive minimal type of music lover, Alex-p is the Dj for you.

Club and Bars that have hosted Dj Alex-p’s events:

In Agios Nikolaos: Aigaion cafe, Puerto Bar, River Club, Rule Club, Cube Bar, Lotus Club, Ellinadiko Bar,Molo club-cafe, Jay Dee (private yacht) and more…

Other locations: Taj Mahal (Rhodos Island), Nugget Bar (Ierapetra, Crete), Envy Club (Heraklion crete), Soho Bar (Athens), and more…