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Alex Morrain is a mexican DJ/Producer who started his career at the very young age of 15, although he showed his music skills before. When he was 9 he started playing the piano in school, and he was a part of different bands which were nothing but a hobby. Later, when he was 11, he started playing the drums, going to different schools so he could learn it best way possible.

By the age of 14, he discovered his passion for electronic music, not only to listen to it, but to learn more about it. Through the observation and research on the internet, he learnt how to mix as a DJ empirically. When he was 16, he decided to study the Electronic Music Production and DJ career in the G.Martell college, where he’s actually professionally training himself.

He has performed in different kind of places such as night clubs, raves and private parties. He also was a part of the POP event, where he perfomed for +600 people who seemed to be amazed by him because he was one of the youngest DJ’s of the event, but also one of the best.

Last year (2013) was a very productive year for Alex Morrain, just like the making of his new project called “R-A-M” (Radio Alex Morrain)

Alex’s podcast, and also his appearance in events like the already mentioned before “POP event” and also another event called “House Festival”, which was in Monterrey, where his appearance had no precedents, being the first event out of Mexico City, and also one of the biggest in his career.