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Born in 1971, Alex has shown great interest in everything capable of producing harmonic sounds since a very early age. He starts playing the piano at the age of 3 and reaches the stage for the first time when he is 8: he plays with a group made up by children that successfully tours Sardinia.

When he is 12, he is hired by the local radio station (Radio Life, that change its name into Radio One so…me year after). Aged 14, Alex has his own radio show as speaker. The jump forward to a disco console seems automatic. After a few months, he is hired as resident in the most popular local club, “4 stèle”.

Commitments with radio and clubs do not mean Alex puts on a side his interest for performing live. With some friends, he funds an electronic/experimental band, which he will leave after a few years later because of the compulsory military service.

Once the service is finished, Alex puts on hold his career as DJ and musician to dedicate time and energies to his other big interest, IT and TLC.

In 1998, after having worked for some private parties, Alex starts working in clubs again. He has worked in all of the major clubs in Sardinia, and for the most popular organizations in the underground scene, often side by side with world-known DJs.

Alex is currently resident DJ for Otherface and NonHoSonno Group and recurrent guest for Ritual Club. He has also been very active as a producer. After collaborating in a few remixes, in 2009 he publishes his first EP “Evancescence” for the label TantoQuanto. In 2010 his single hit “Nuclear” is published for Sardinian Electronic Labels. In 2011 his EP “As You Like It” will be released for Sphere Tech, house division of 96 Khz Productions and he starts a new collaboration with Hare Music Records that published Where is my luggage/To be titled.

Some weeks ago HouseBeat Records published a new remix by Alex for sardinian producer Mr. Thruout: “Is Coming”.

Alex just moved to London, in January 2013…..