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Alex Mayer, born in Asti, Piedmont, Italy, in January 1985. In 2008 moved to Sardinia until 2009, the carried out through the organization of various events, free admission, it offers a way of Techno very experimental, with a high level of quality and mixing music. End of 2009 he Decided to return to Northern Italy between Milan and Turin, to work with large experimental scale back the same sound Already tested in the events in Sardinia. Born in 2010, Essence Entertainment (agency, public relations and artist management) based in (Cagliari, Italy). In 2010, he began studying and composing, in a small studio in Milan, experiencing different sounds, oriented influences, minimal, Tech-House, after a short time, he is working on a new project, such as A & R (the one that chooses the artists and productions to be released) for Innovative Music Records, sub-label of BLK Musik (Savona, Italy). In 2011, comes his first release under the name of Magma signing a remix requested by MZK Work (Milan, Italy), start immediately charts for two weeks in one of the most important digital stores. After a few months, signed with the same label, his first LP (Sorry If Stripped) typically minimal, coming back in charts. In this year he opened his first record label, Essence Recordings (Cagliari, italy), shortly after he Decided to start his small independent of where it is only with purely experimental projects Alex Mayer Musik Lab! (Cagliari, Italy). In 2012, signed various EP and remixes, with various labels, as well as with its property. To remember the single (Walking), genre Chill Out, released on Essence Recordings and supported by Robert Miles, another important issue to remember (Wir Lieben) his second LP, purely Electronic-Techno, released on the label of the international artist german, Miss Shiva, Shiva Audio Records (Frankfurt, Germany) label, which will continue to sign, many remixes during the year. In the same year, is resident DJ at the famous, Insomnia radio-FM (Russian Federation), and in radio, Cubase-FM (Idstein, Germany). In December 2012 once again enters chart, with the single (Control), a project closely, Techno-Underground, influenced by Detroit sound, released by Alex Mayer Musik Lab! Remaining two months in chart. It can be said that the artist, in the first compositions to be focused on kinds of trend of the moment, to sound, minimal-Tech-House. The compositions of 2012, followed sound, closer to his musical style, Experimental-Techno, Electronic influence-Dark-Ambient. The artist has made several productions with other pseudonyms, Magma, Muse, Mayer & Mayer, Traumatized, Overwhelmed. In recent years, gained experience in composition, try to customize, at best, his live performance, changes his style of music in his live performances, leaving traditional systems (turntables, CDJ), to use the controller, drum machines and synthesizers, trying to merge together, the work of the classic DJ, to the musician, mixing samples, created in the studio, Including a wide range of Experimental-Techno sound, influenced by Electronic-Dark-Ambient. Are now numerous, its live, in Italy, in the course of using career, and many are also those asserted in the radio, all over Europe, his productions are supported by international artists from all over Europe. 2013 will be a journey to new horizons!