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Alex Maury was born in Medellin, Colombia, August 25, 1993, surrounded by music played by members of his family. His father and brothers played a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar and violin. He started becoming inmersed in the world of music, but when he listened to the Trance music his older brother played, he felt inmediately attracted to the beats of this musical genre. His love for Trance grew further as he started going to parties where this music was played. He then decided to enroll in the most prestigious DJ academy in Medellin, DJ STATION, where under the expert guidance of Robinson Valentti (COL) and Antonio Fragoozo (MEX), he could learn all the tools a DJ needs. However, he still was not completely satisfied until he started creating his own tracks, something which he is passionate about. He has created his tracks without outside help and usingan empirical approach, with which he has reached levels he never expected to reach.