Alex Martello Beatport


Coming out the recording studio after hours spent absorbing music and aware that he has created something good… This is one of the things that make he feel good. he don’t think that the success is casual…he think it is thanks to the intense and constant hours of work, and in believing in what you do (without pursuing success as a goal) at the cost of going against the flow!

he was born 20 years ago on a hot August day under the sign of Leo.

At the early age of 8, he began taking piano lessons; at this time he also had his first experience in the night scene, since it was at exactly this age that he first set foot in a club ? he was completely fascinated!

After a few years it was in a recording studio in Milan, after months of passing out samples everywhere, that he was finally able to make his very first discographic production; In the same year, always with Prezioso & Marvin he contributed to the realization of two of their singles: “Musik” and “Rockin’ deejays”; by creating two version of it! Between 2005 and 2006, together with Precious he created and produced two E.P.?s of the “Precious & Martello” project, coming out under our new label Precious Lab, with an imprint of electro! After this he collaborated with “84 King Street” in their single “Are you lovin’ somebody” and also for the remix of “Survival” created originally by Prezioso & Marvin; which also included a remix of Gabry Ponte e Dj Manian (Cascada). In 2007 he started with two remixes for the Prezioso & Marvin team: Touch Me and Emergency 2007. he released the remix for Mr. Provenzano Dj (M2o Italian Network) and the remix for the talented Kirsty Hawkshaw (with whom he fell in love when he first listened to Just Be ) too!! With G.P. he has founded the “Lamezia Project” and soon he will release a new track called “Diamonds” sung by the talented Alice Edun!! He’s produceing a new single “Majestic” with Kirsty Hawkshaw and finishing his remix of “Healing Angel” for she too!!He’s collaborateing with Danelle Harvey, with the RnB singer Cynthia Mare, and co-produceing a new track called “Dark Star” with Alexander Perls (Vocals producer for Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta, Ian Carey, Fragma, ATB etc etc) too!

New Vibes…coming soon!!