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A young promise of electronic music in Guatemala and latin america. At his short age he has very promising productions in the scene, with the support of great artists in latin america and the world such as: Santiago Niño, Markus Schulz, Dj Shah, Andy Moor, Gabriel Batz, Francis Davila, Marnix (Monogato), DC Project, Bebop among others.

He started producing at the young age of 17, guided by the melodic uplifting lines of trance and house, working with a great talent and inspired by the tranquility of the ocean and the peace of the beach, alex tries to reflect that feeling of calmness to his listeners with organic and smooth sounds that relax the soul.

Since his first release with dj and producer Francis Davila, Alex obtained the so acclaimed support of number 1 Dj of that time Paul Van Dyk who took the EP as an exclusive release and played 3 times in a row Hentze’s balearic mix on his radio show Vonyc Sessions.

With his balearic releases on 2007 like Summer Memories EP and Atardecer EP he gained more support around the globe.

His new project Sundown a cooperaron with Argentina guy Dynamic Motion has already released a beautiful, moody tune with possitive, relaxing balearic melodies called Sal y Mar, with the original mix a Balearic Mix and remixes by Gabriel Batz and Marnix aka Monogato wich has given listeners around the world a reason to think that life is just another big trip.Now in 2008 he promises to obtain a special place inside many peoples heads and souls with his upcoming releases that Dj Shah, Andy Moor, Markus Schulz and Santiago Nino are actually playing on their live and radio sets.

" Simplicity leads to Perfection" quoted by Alex Hentze.

Inspired by artists such as: Booka Shade, AMB, Pryda, Jaytech, Logiztik Sounds, Marcus Schozzow, Sultan And Ned Shepard, Jerome Isma-Ae, Thomas Schwartz, Mark Otten among others.