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Alex Guesta starts playing at different fashion catwalks and events in Cortina, Saint Tropez, Porto Cervo, Capri, reaching the most notorius clubs of the Milan night life such as Hollywood, Old Fashion, Shocking,Toqueville, Atlantique, and the best italian clubs, collaborating with radio 105, one of the most important networks in Italy.

In the 2007 his first record productions that bring him immediately at the top of the dance charts collaborating collaborating with various artists such as Damae Klein aka Fragma, David Goncalves, Bodytalk, Mario Fargetta aka Get Far, Pain & Rossini.

In the beginning of 2009 Tiesto include Alex Guesta remix of Lethal Industry in his live shows

2009 Alex Guesta – Liquid Dreams

2009 Guesta Dubside – Music is power

2009 Zebra (Alex Guesta remix)

2009 Guesta Project – Love is in the air

2009 The Guesta – Sexy Body

2009 Sorry (Alex Guesta rmx)

2009 Aiko aiko (Alex Guesta rmx)

2009 Guesta Klan – Just For Fun (Alex Guesta Mix)

2009 Alex Guesta ft. Ricky du Bra – Tieta

2009 Alex Guesta – We’ll be free

2009 Every 1s a winner (Alex Guesta Rmx)

2009 Alex Guesta – Lethal Industry

2009 Guesta Project – Children Are Free

2008 Illusion – (Alex Guesta Rmx)

2008 Guesta & Pain – Voices

2008 Alex Guesta – Sunshine & Happyness

2008 Guesta Project – Finally meedley with Rise Up

2008 Pride A Deeper Love (Alex Guesta Remix)

2008 Go Go Dancer (Alex Guesta Remix)

2008 Pain & Rossini Vs Alex Guesta – Dreams

2008 Color inside (Alex Guesta rmx)

2008 Guesta Project – Jumpin

2008 Alex Guesta – Tne Groove Of Love

2008 Alex Guesta – Just Let It Play

2007 Guesta & Ensaime – Get Ya Drink Up

Record Label Unsigned