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Alex Fisher was introduced to housemusic back in the old days, during his army period at Seedorf, Germany where he shared a room with 4 guys from Rotterdam who were frequent visitors of Parkzicht, Rotterdam. When he heard the beats of “First Rebirth” he was instantly hooked by this new, incomparable sound and not long thereafter he visited his first houseparty at the legendary “Multigroove” in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk. When he saw the DJ spin his vinyl’s, entertaining the crowd he knew it; he wanted to combine his love for housemusic with the skills to play the records himself. So, it didn’t take long for him to buy his first SL1210’s and all the money he made went straight to the record stores. Having collected records for almost two decades now, he has built himself a respectable collection, containing many different styles. After a chance meeting with Producer Wezz Devall, they started the project “Wezz & Fisher”. Their first big hit came when they made a really stunning trance-remix of Jeckyll & Hyde’s ‘Frozen Flame’ (Wezz & Fisher remix). This remix was immediately signed bij Paul Oakenfolds high ranking trance label “Perfecto”. After this success they made floorfillers like ‘Ultrablue’ , ‘Smile to Saturn’ (part of Ernesto vs Bastian’s DJ set on Trance Energy 2008), ‘Goldstrike’ (Ferry Corsten top 3 June 2008) and ‘Evolved’ (Nr. 1 Dance – tunes Okt. 2008). Their tracks are still heavily supported by many (inter)national DJ’s. 2009 brought a wind of change, after graduating as a Sound Engineer, Alex started his solo career.His latest Productions under his new alias ‘Alex Fisher’ are released on labels like Reset, Spinnin, Fektive and High Contrast and received huge responses from many international DJ’s.They’re picked up by national and international radio stations and received airtime on Armin’s A State of Trance, Tiësto’s Clublife, Judge Jules Weekend Warmup (BBC1) and Paul van Dijk’s Vonyc Sessions. So keep your ears and eyes on this talented DJ/Producer who is know for his energetic productions and ditto DJ-sets.

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