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Alex Fikera



Alex Fikera Beatport


Alex Fikera started djing between tables and chairs at school, looking after friends party and choosing type of music.

Since 1980’s he established a direct relationship with vinyls, from James Brown to Commodores, from Heart Wind & Fire to Smiths, from Depeche Mode to Led Zeppelin, Simple Minds etc…

So be influenced by Funky, Soul, Underground and Rock.

In the beginning of the 90’s the first important contact with the nightlife world…playing for small and big parties where the location was a surprise!!!!

The curiosities for new styles of music make him decide to move very often from Italy to England and vice versa to divert the initial passion to art and work.

The first Dj set on a sophisticate dance floor arrive at the club “SAINTS” in England.

London, capital of sound brought the commitment to a continuous research for experimental sounds, in terms of own identity in music choice and DJ-sets personalised basically , UNIQUE!!

Its all about what we had talking that on 1996 on his return to Sicily, start to collaborate with the most exclusive organizer of the Sicilian nights, a relationship that lasted 3 years and that entered the first jumps on the Decks for cities like Caltanissetta, Agrigento, Portorosa…

About his relations and collaborations, his character less incline to accept compromises, most of the times about his residences Alex prefers to not have a fixed residence and be a freelance DJ.