What is an Edge beat? What is an Edge groove? An Edge sound can only be heard and understood live. A cd, a recorded track will not capture it; will not give it any Justice. You have to stand on the dance floor and fully understand why a beat and a groove can be so infectious. Getting his start in the world of mobile djing Alex understood that the life of the party was the dj, and that crowd control was the ultimate adventure. There he learned that crowd control was what the greats strived for since the beginning of dance music. Using the knowledge he acquired there, Alex molded his skills into the ever-changing club scene. Being able to reinvent himself from room to room he developed a unique ability to be able to cater to the most discerning of crowds, while steadily building up a following of his own.

Taking inspiration from everything he heard and saw Alex made his way into the studio, where he learned his trade as an intern under the tutelage of Paul Goldman and Dan O’Sullivan of Eargoo Studios. There he would pave the way for his future, starting to put together his dance floor groove with the beat of the studio.

Many things can be said about the bright future of this young talent, but one thing is certain that his future is only beginning now, and his current endeavors are only a small does of what the world will be experiencing soon enough. Just try and pick the best spot on the dance floor, Alex will surely see you there.