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Alex Dreamz

Los Angeles, United States


1997: The Dream Began…At the tender age of 14, working all summer in the hot weather Alex finally obtained enough money to purchase his first set of 1200’. Then studying the skills of L.A. and O.C. underground mixmasters such as Richard F., Doc Martin, Richard Humpty Vission, Cesar G, Jonny Lexxs, R.A.W., Kid Decoy, promising young O.C. talent DJ Woody, NYC’ Joey Beltram, Brooklyn’ Frankie Bones and soon to be legend Bad Boy Bill from Chicago. He first caught glimpse of Bad Boy Bill on the turntables at the legendary Club Axis in O.C., the same turntables that a 15 yr. old Alex Dreamz would be rockin’ within the year and a DJ he would later be compared to along w/ Humpty and Paul Oakenfold in a Live Magazine article.

Since the late nights at Axis Alex Dreamz has dedicated himself to the turntables, from the backyard parties, to warehouse raves, to super clubs, to playing live in front of thousands in places like Phoenix’ Sun West Arena, Lake Havasu’ Sundance Riverfront, Rosarito Mexico’ Shore, or in his hometown of Anaheim in 1998 at CyberKid ’98 inside the Anaheim Convention Center alongside DJ greats Angel Alanis, DJ Irene, and over 6,567 in attendance.

In 1999 Alex Dreamz ventured into remix and production inspired by the Dynamic Dual’ Jonny Lexxs, remixing the Noisemakers “Don’t Stop” on UC Music/ Strictly Hype Recordings Chicago, soon appeared on Richard Humpty Vission’ Powertools playlist. In 1999 he also joined the Dynamic Trax team, and co-founded the award winning Project X / X -Dream Studios venture between David X’ Retro Groove and Alex’ Latin Impact!

1999 also brought his first mix compilation with Kid Decoy, entitled “Welcome to the Klub”. 2000 featured his first e.p. “Toxic Dreamz” and in late 2000, early 2001 his next CD, a double disc compilation “Alex Dreamz: The Sound of Tomorrow” mixed live inside of Anaheim, California’ Original Klub X. The rest of 2001 featured his first weekly radio spot on DJ Sinner’ Midnight House X-press featuring the Dynamic Trax Staff on 92.7 kkuu, Palm Springs, Ca. achieving record breaking ratings in the respected 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. timeslot!

2002, 2003 and beyond will bring further projects with producer / engineer extradonaire Jonny Lexxs along/w up and coming rock band Distant, DJ / Producer’ Dr. X, DJ Woody, and the one only Alex Dreamz! Be on the lookout, more coming soon!