“SW4 Festival: Which emerging DJ do you think will be taking the scene by storm in the next year?”

Ben Sims: “I’d certainly hope to see Alex Downey go on to bigger and better things. He has been on the scene for many years but it’s definitely about time he really broke through. There’s only a handful of DJ’s I’ve ever heard who are naturally gifted and Alex is one of them” BEN SIMS INTERVIEW 2011

Alex Downey Press Release 2008.

Alex Downey has been supporting the UK electronic underground movement as a DJ, record-shop manager and now radio presenter for nearly 15 years.

Based in Brighton on the south coast of England, he is arguably the city’s most prominent purveyor of all things Techno, where he is a regular fixture at the Premier high profile events, alongside acts such as Underground Resistance and Derrick May.

As the main driving force behind the counter at Brighton’s highly respected and much-missed [covert] record store & web-site, he was instrumental in bringing quality Techno & House to the city – and beyond, developing along the way a boundless knowledge, vast record collection and infectious passion for the music that’s unmatched by most.

His musical taste & experience speaks for itself and his nocturnal activities behind the decks have earned him much respect and a great reputation amongst the global electronic community. He has been invited to perform at many key events such as ‘Free-rotation’ in Wales,‘The Big Beat Boutique’ &‘Stompa-phunk’ in Brighton, ‘Retro_vert’ &‘Wiggle’ in London, ‘Labyrinth’ festival & ‘Haus-Tek’ in Tokyo, and at many other far-flung destinations, hundreds of smaller parties and long-forgotten club nights that rocked hard, and kept the lifeblood of the scene pumping.

He is currently resident DJ at ‘Our Friends Electric’ in Brighton and the ‘Split’ parties in London where he has recently shared the stage with Red-shape, Dave Clarke, Robert Hood and Carl Craig, to name a few. You can hear him spin on the ‘Split Show’ – a globally syndicated online radio program with a large number of keen listeners worldwide that he co-presents alongside techno legend Ben Sims [], or on his own ‘Fear Of Music Radio’ shows [].

Alex’s energetic style and enthusiasm for all things deep & electronic are sure to bring some magic to the party and are matched only by his razor-sharp DJ skills. One of the UK’s treasures, solidly and confidently attending to business while other media-hyped storms have come and gone.