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Alex Dolby

Frosinone, Italy


Affekt Recordings, Airtight, Arts Digital
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Alex Dolby was born in the rich land of Ciociaria some years ago. He got involved in music production after having attended several clubs nights around Italy. His influences have to be searched in djs as sasha, steve lawler and danny tenaglia but also in the italian house protagonists as massimino, Flavio Vecchi and Ricky Montanari. As soon as he got his own studio he started producing tracks which were the fusion of electronic and house music. He worked hard and he reached his own style, the same characteristic music flavour that nowadays calls so much attention on him. It couldnt be not so natural the meeting with one of the craziest italian producer and in addition fellow countryman Santos. The guys met and the project Alex Dolby came to life.

The first record signed Alex Dolby was ‘Psiko Garden’ included in the ‘From Ciociaria With Dub ep’ along with UNDO/REDO ‘Driver Pink.’ single. This track caught the attention of several djs in the Uk and it got well received in clubs. With strong support from people as Fluke DJs or Pete Tong who played ‘Psiko Garden’ in his essential mix show on BBC RADIO 1 and re-edit by SASHA just for himself.Original version included in two global underground compilations( one of those is THE TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF GLOBAL UNDERGROUND COMPILATION) cool……….. Second release was ‘Hazy Way’/’Visionary Lake’, long awaited worldwide which gained a lot of exposure and good reactions.HAZY WAY included in hernan cattaneo compilation and PETE TONG say : the best classic progressive house track of 2003. Positive opinions came also about the remixes of ‘Psyko Garden’ signed by legend John Acquaviva and Ashtrax. Then for his debut on Mantra Smiles Alex Dolby deliverred ‘Untitled Valley’, simply high quality progressive psiko funk supported by TIMO MASS, satoshi tomie and others. After that single which went sold out the name Alex Dolby got again on the verge with ‘Hazy Way’ remixed by breakbeat master producers Evil 9. The record was among the best remixes of the year 2004 nominated as ‘Best Remix Of The Year’ at the ‘05 ‘Breakspoll Award’ and in Pete Tong’s playlist for five weeks in a row and declared also ‘Essential Tune Of The Week’ in november. Still nowadays this remix is among the most wanted ones. However Alex scored again the top of the club charts with his remix of INFUSION ‘Girls Can Be Cruel’ which arrived again on the top of the UK Buzz Chart. Next step was ‘Obsessive Sound’ immediately in Satoshi Tomiie playlist and STEVE LAWLER global underground compilation…now remixed by electro duo Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. and italo wonder Ajello. Alex Dolby was also out on with a special mix compilation ‘Psikoplayground’, while in april his ‘Instrumental Pleasure’ ep with ‘Smokin Mountain’ (included in Steve Lawer new comp) and ‘Acid Store’ immediately conquered the likes of John Acquaviva, Anthony Pappa and John Digweed. Even his version of ‘Plastik’ out on young label Youngodds got the likes of many djs and radios…. in September 2006 start the collaboration with MASKIO: alex dolby&maskio “jack is back-detroit land” now on the market alex dolby airball-looking better massive support by STEVE LAWLER and alex dolby&maskio " u make me sick-tokyo zoo" in may 2007 “prodax” included in new HERNAN CATTANEO compilation and will be released on AUDIO THERAPY “across borders italy compilation” and on AUDIO THERAPY vinyl more to come…