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Alex Dimou

Lamía, Greece

Minimal, Tech House

4slash4, Devilock Records, Elite records
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Alex Dimou is a Greek producer born in 1988 and raised in Lamia, a small city in central Greece.

Alex always loved techno music.At the age of 19 (2007),Alex signed a contract with Elite Records (Mexico) and he released his first EP named “Alex Dimou EP” which includes three tech/minimal tracks,“Mini-man”,“Candybear” and “i don’t like my feet”.This EP was released in all digital music stores such as Beatport, Beatsdigital, Audiojelly, Dancerecords etc. Furthermore,“Alex Dimou EP” was a featured release at many of these stores, and charted by many famous dj’s.

His first track,“Mini-man”, won great success and it has been supported by many famous djs like NICK WARREN, MARCO V, MAURIZIO GUBELLINI, MARIO OCHOA, CHRISTIAN CAMBAS, MASHTRONIC,TONE DEPTH and RICARDO REYNA to name but a few!

“Mini-Man” was also released in a new EP from Elite Records wich includes remixes from Maurizio Gubellini, Ricardo Reyna, Jeff Andvik, Slad, Tash, Twinbeat, Josse Cabello,Tash Radical project and George Kouk. A release with great names in it and noticed by many famous dj’s around the world.Also charted at Beatport’s top 100

Since now,Alex had signed many contracts with labels as Devilock records,Elite records,Nuhar records, Suite Music records, Atlant digital records and Spectra records.

Until now,he has released many of his own productions and remixes to many other djs.

Alex has also collaborated with producers like MASHTRONIC, MAURIZIO GUBELLINI,CHRISTIAN CAMBAS, MARIO OCHOA etc…

Alex was also interviewed in many magazines like Freeze Magazine, 37,2 magazine, Face magazine etc…