Top 50k on The DJ List

Alex Dee Groove

Koper, Slovenia

House, Progressive House


Alex Dee Groove (his real name is Ales Pelicon), born in Koper, Slovenia, got in touch with music at his tender age of 11.

He soon started playing audio tapes at various events and at the age of 13 he was already one of the most requested acts on the school dance nights. Aged 14 he organized his first of many following “dance” events where he performed as well.

The same year he successfully finished his education at the music school where he studied clarinet and saxophone but he also learned piano and drums. A young talent like that got soon recruited by a local jazz & blues band where he played saxophone.

But he soon lost his interest in the band and rather spent his nights in clubs and venues, especially looking under hands of professional DJs. At some point he made a visit to a particular club that made him decide to concentrate solely on DJ-ing. It was the infamous Histeria (Amnesia) in Ibiza.

At the very beginning of his DJ career he played mostly acid and acid house music, but when the scene developed he played everything from Detroit techno, to progressive and house music. He started to perform regularly in clubs all over Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. Currently he plays what could be described as “electro-progressive-house” but as he likes to say, he plays MUSIC for entertainment.

He has some production experience behind as well, in fact he was a requested re-mixer back in 95 but the claustrophobic feeling of the studios made him anxious so he quit there and rather star to work as a speaker and engineer on a famous local radio station and also as a conductor of a musical program on the Slovene TV (from 95 till 2002).

Regarding the endless question about his preference to vinyl/digital, he prefers vinyl, as he spent most of his career spinning it, but innovations and technology made him become ‘digital’ as well.