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Alex Bau

Munich, Germany


Audio Assault, CL Recordings, Clau
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> as a dj you have to behave like a prostitute sometimes, really! you have to `give it´ to the people under any circumstances, no matter what`s going on. < what the hell can make a dj talking about his job like alex bau does? obviously there must be a big experience with electronic music and playing it in front of people, does this guy even expect his job just to be a service, not an art? oh my god…

once you listened to a set of alex bau you will recognize that he indeed sees djing as something more than just playing hits and crowdpleasers. of course, there are some well known records, but they are not the center of action. maybe, if you expect every fat and good record to be such a hit, then you are not so wrong, but not matter how you call it: from the beginning in the early 90ies, after playing all sorts of music from jerry lee lewis to ministry, also loads of synthiepop like depeche mode, alex` technosets sound really mechanic, technic-orientated, full of bass, simply techno in ist purest form. sometimes hard, sometimes minimal, sometimes distorted, sometimes maybe even trancy. this sound is still his passion, his job and his devotion, from the very first technorecord he has been spinning in 1992. watching him during playing techno makes you feel that there`s somebody working who finally arrived at home, and he`s in control of it completely.

nevertheless he can be proud of having his own unique style he does not want to be fixed on just one style of techno. there are too many good records to be played, so why concentrate just on one style? only minimal because it`s on top? only hard edged because it`s easy? no thanks. you have to be aware of the fact that you maybe will hear a massive technoslammer already 30 minutes after you have been dancing to really minimal stuff. his ability to create ups and downs is part of his selection of tools and skills, just as the three decks and the additional effects he is using most of the time.

this volatility, fighting style-dictation and narrow-mindedness, makes it sometimes really hard for alex, but alex is on the way to mix up expectations and the success seems to agree with him! travelling to numerous countries he was able to convince the dancefloors, not matter if in germany, austria, croatia, holland or also brasil, canada or even romania and many more. he`s playing not only with the records, also with the crowd, increasing heat to a certain point, cooking if down again and finally give the people the relief by allowing the dancefloor to explode.

the same way he is djing he is also producing own material, that comes out on labels like clr, pv-records, default, predicaments and many more. especially his first album “connected” reached the playlist of many djs like chris liebing, pascal feos or good groove to name just a few. just like this album, the statement and the policy for his own label, run together with sven dedek is publishing versatile, but always pure techno. nothing more, but also nothing less.