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A rising star in the progressive dance music industry, Alex ‘AXX’ Koss

has received in 2006 widespread international attention of late, not only for his deep and emotive DJ sets, but also for his signature production style, resulting in record deals with the prestigious Tiesto’s FBI Records and New State Entertainment Group’s Maelstrom imprint.

AXX is native from the beautiful town of Quebec City in Canada where he founded the legendary French Touch events and long time resident at

Dagobert, Frankie’s, System and Terminal, the city’s largest after-hours and night clubs. AXX was extensively touring across Eastern Europe, France and North America from 2004 to 2007. Now balancing a hectic schedule between sound engineering school where he is learning to perfect even further his craft and regular appearances on Internet radio show called Evolution and just recently on Greece’s biggest electronic dance music radio,

Stimulated by his education and professional employment in the field of land surveying, AXX draws inspiration from the great outdoors, creating sounds capes that mimic the patterns found in the landscapes that he studies, the sublime beauty of open spaces, or the fragile balance of life and growth that occurs naturally in the world around him. An admitted bon vivant, Alex also credits good food and constant physical activity (including fitness training, wake boarding, and roller blading) for providing him with a healthy exuberance toward life. 2006 sees the continued resonance of AXX’s positive musical vision throughout the globe and very involved in everything in regards to the global warming cause. In a nutshell, minimal thinking approach!

AXX is like many other DJ/Producer making the transition toward the digital platform for both production and DJ’in. This transition allowed Alex to evolve his sound into a deeper, minimal, funky tech house and progressive experience. His DJ live performances are becoming spontaneous moment of creation combined with the always best tracks.