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San Antonio, United States

Breaks, Electro House

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Born & raised in CA then moved to J-Ville, FL where he was introduced to the “Florida Breakz Movement”. Doing his part to keep FL Funky Breakz alive, stepped up to the decks June 2003, while living in San Antonio, TX.

His sole passion & purpose is to

“ALEVY8” your mind

“ALEVY8” your soul

Then take you to the Next Level where the music’s at!

Growing up, Ryan always had a love for music. He played the drums in elementary and by high school was the lead singer/lyricist for a promising rock band “Terminal Mind”.

While stationed in FL he was introduced to the whole new world of Electronic Dance Music. Instantly, Ryan was drawn to its ground pounding beats and heavenly melodies! He went to every party he could and was mesmerized by the DJ’s and the music they spun! Ryan always watched closely as the DJ put the needle on the record and gained crowd control and praise.

He was hooked! One day he would stand behind the turntables and be a part of the “Florida Breakz Movement”. Five years later, that mission was complete. Ryan bought his first pair of Technic 1200’s w/ a Pioneer mixer and began the journey of mixing records. In no time at all, DJ Alevy8 was born! He had picked up recognition spinning FL Funky Breakz at parties and raves in Texas and across the nation, alongside some of the world’s greatest DJ’s. He has been aired globally on DI.FM and countless other radio stations, both national/international.

After taking a 7 year break to care for his daughter, ALEVY8 is making a comeback like no other! There are BIG plans in store for him. Guest spots on radio shows, Music Collaborations and LIVE Entertainment in a city near you!

Be prepared for the next chapter! This up and coming DJ has been in studio and has started to work on production to push the envelope to the next level as he believes “music has no boundaries”.

Stay Tuned…