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Mexico, Mexico


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La herencia familiar de AleoshA es Sueco y Vasco Español, ha vivido en Los Estados Unidos, Japón Canadá, Europa, Rusia y actualmente reside en México.

A los 14 años de edad AleoshA ya estaba creando, reeditando y produciendo sus propias pistas de música electrónica. Johan Sebastia Bach y Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart eran algunos compositores del pasado que sirvieron de inspiración para crear su música en el sintetizador Moog.

Después empezó a experimentar con el Jazz que fue un medio que le permitió improvisar con las progresiones y estructuras armónicas que hasta la fecha han sido la base de su estilo como D.J. Su último proyecto fue re mezclar Calliope´s “Midwest Life” de su nuevo álbum “Sounds Like Circles Feel” de la disquera Thick Records en Chicago Illinois en los Estados Unidos.

Su amplia experiencia en el medio musical permite que convine elementos de electrónica sintetizada, House, Trance, Drum and Base, Break Beat, Electro, Electro Clash, Techno, Circuit, Tribal, Latin, Jazz, Ambient, World Beat and Progressive Lounge.

Su discografía incluye material en todos estos.


R. Alexei A. Wolfe-Beteta was born in Mexico City. His family heritage is Swedish and Basque Spanish. Aleosha studied Microbiology, received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design and Architecture from The University of California Davis\Berkley and a Juris Doctor in Law. He has played in a variety of clubs around the world and has lived in Mexico, the United Sates, Japan, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Europe. AleoshA resides in Central Mexico at this time.

At a very early age, his father’s great love of music exposed him to a variety of musical styles. One group, in particular, started his journey in composition and Electronica – Emerson Lake and Palmer. The sounds of the early Moog synthesizers caught his imagination and sparked a creative talent that would inspire him to compose Jazz and Baroque pieces for the synthesizer.

At 14, Aleosha was composing on his Roland Jupiter 8, along with a Roland 808 rhythm machine and, of course, a 4-track cassette recorder, the latest breakthrough in analogue technology. Though technology has changed, he still composes, re-edits and produces his own tracks of Electronica. Johan Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were but a few of the composers of the past that he looked up to for their use of melody and base line. The Minuet was a favorite composition style, allowing him to tell a quick melodic story and utilize one of his favorite instruments – the harpsichord. From Baroque, Aleosha started to experiment with Jazz, particularly free form improvisation. The underlying structure of harmonic rules, time signatures, and progressions, which at the same time allowed for total improvisational freedom, fascinated him and form the backbone of his Djing style. This diverse musical background allows Aleosha to seamlessly combine elements of Synth Electronica, to old Jazz, as well as overlays of a capellas and historic speeches. His repertoire ranges from Vocal House, Electro Clash, Trance, Drum and Base, Break Beat, Minimal Techno, Ambient, Circuit, Tribal, Latin, Jazz, Progressive Lounge and World Beat. His discography includes releases in all these styles.

EQUIPMENT: Alcatech all Digital Professional DJ system [Berlin, Germany], Pioneer DJM 3000 custom designed rotor mixer, Technics 1210 GM5, Shure Whitelabel needles.