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Alena Beatport


Alena is one of Chicago’s finest young artists. Growing up in Chicago, the historic home of house music, made it possible for her to learn from some of the most talented artists in the industry. Influenced by Superjane, Justin Long, Mark Farina, and Derrick Carter, her styles are an eclectic blend of ever changing sounds within House and Techno. In less than three years after buying her first record, Alena has graced the decks with artists like Diz, Justin Long, Superjane (Heather,Colette,Dayhota,Lady D),Greens Keepers, Angel Alanis, Bad Boy Bill, and Timo Mass.

Alena discovered her drive for music at a young age. Alena’s mother studied music theory at the Conservatory of Music in Russia, and was an accomplished piano player. Her granduncle was a violinist in the Russian Symphony, and also a very big influence on Alena and her musical upbringing. Alena’s journey with music began in Kiev, Ukraine where she was born and raised until she was 8 years old. She began studying piano, and singing at the young age of 4 and continued her studies through out her childhood. Alena’s family relocated to Chicago in 1988, not yet knowing this would be the greatest influence on her life. Alena was introduced to dance music through the Chicago radio waves. DJ’s like Bad Boy Bill were regulars on the radio and brought what was then a new and underground sound to the ears of Chicago. Alena fell in love with house music at a young age, but did not question pursuing it until much later.

While studying at the University of Illinois, Alena stumbled upon club Orchid (now Tonic), a nightclub in Champaign which would feature Chicago DJ’s weekly. The club became Alena’s second home. It was there that she had found her calling, and finally knew what she wanted to do with her musical obsession. After taking some time to learn about the scene and the community, Alena began promoting shows for the infamous Boogie Tribe, and Pure, two of the biggest event promoters of Chicago. Soon thereafter, she began throwing events at Orchid bringing in DJ’s like Colette, Dayhota, Justin Long, and hosting Pure on Tour dates with names like D:Fuse, Bad Boy Bill, and John Curley. After only five months of DJ’ing Alena began opening for all of these nights, playing to crowds of 500+. After her two year journey in Champaign, Alena moved back to Chicago to pursue her DJ’ing career, and hasn’t looked back since. In the past three years she’s showcased her skills in almost every prestigious venue in the Midwest and beyond. And has held residencies in legendary clubs like Smartbar opening for the established .Dotbleep night for Justin Long. She has played to crowds of 8000+ people at events like Summer Fest (with Superjane). She has opened up for some of the biggest names in dance music to date, and plans on being a part of history taking dance music to a new level. She is currently in the studio mastering the art of production. You can expect solo projects as well as collaborations with some of the hottest names in house music in the near future.